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CMS Group was founded by a group of professionals from the casino and hospitality industries to combine the dedication and commitment on creating solutions for the casino and hospitality industries.  We specialize in casino and hospitality marketing and management.  What makes CMS Group a different organization than other service providers?  Everyone involved in CMS Group has worked in the casino and hospitality industries their entire careers and have worked from the front line positions to the executive level positions.  We understand and know the various occupation levels and understand the challenges because each one of us at CMS Group has held these positions at one time in our careers.  We have a passion for the casino and hospitality industries and that is the reason we have spent our entire careers in these industries.  We also have a passion for success and our success and sense of achievement comes from making casino properties successful.  Our team’s experience combined has close to 100 years experience.  No other provider can provide our kind of expertise nor the technology we have been able to build as solutions for operations and marketing.  CMS Group is not a service provider, but a partner to your business.

CMS Group pledges to treat each project equally.  From smaller businesses to larger corporations, each project is to receive the highest quality service and products.  Each project and solution will be a success.  Success is only achieved through cooperation, communication and excellent service.  Quality assurance is our commitment to our partners.


CMS Group will be at G2E this year – Here is a few of the places you will be able to find us.  We look forward to seeing everyone there and to a great show!


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